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Digital Marketing

Why do you need Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods, suitable for novice entrepreneurs as well as experienced businessmen, and focus on this aspect that is used by 3.9 billion users according to the latest statistic for 2019, which indicates its importance and therefore greater efficiency and faster access.

No one is indispensable for email marketing and no one can reduce the power of merging between marketing and the impact of a channel like email. You also need mail marketing to support your marketing campaigns that we do not believe will succeed without it, as it is used in direct marketing as well as in re-targeting And posting special content to previous clients, are you still hesitant.

How Do We Work

Whether the goal is to open channels to communicate with new or old customers or to promote a new or old product or service, we follow a strategy appropriate to each goal separately, but the important general points that are not without any e-mail are as follows:

  • icon The title of the message encourages and urges the customer to interact with it .
  • icon Brief, focused on its primary goal .
  • icon To be appropriate to the client's interests .
  • icon Well planned .
  • icon Send in time to the customer .
  • icon In the language that the customer can easily understand .
  • icon Avoid damaged or not working links .

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